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Following on from the success of Keeping Secrets, the second book in the Daniel Grant Trilogy, 

Hidden Secrets is now close to completion.

Set during the Nothern Ireland 'Troubles', Hidden Secrets is every bit as gripping and thrilling as Keeping Secrets and promises surprises, twists and turns as the plot unfolds

Many of the 'cast' of Keeping Secrets return for the second instalment, and several new characters emerge. Pre-orders will be opening soon, so get ready to reserve your copy of this gripping thriller.

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Collectors Edition contains

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6: Keeping Secrets Dossier - containing

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       Background articles

       Cold War/Berlin Wall/Soviet economy doc's

       Top Secret reports and correspondence

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About Wendy

Wendy Charlton was born in Walsall in the West Midlands at the start of the “Swingin’ Sixties”.  She describes her childhood as "happy and carefree" and spent most of it exploring books, spending hours in the local library.

 Wendy has enjoyed a broad and varied career in the public and private sectors coaching leaders to develop their teams and their businesses.  The Personality Profiling aspect of her work has given her unique insights into what motivates and drives people to behave as they do.  Now, Wendy has swapped her "proper" job for one of author and novelist.  Working from her home in a beautiful part of rural Staffordshire, finally, she is able to pursue her passion for writing. Keeping Secrets is her first gripping novel featuring the unlikely duo of ex-Secret Agent Daniel Grant and civil servant Hilary Geddes


Set in a residential home with a difference, the residents are former secret agents who worked for the security services throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties. They have grown old, some of them have developed dementia and one or two of them are starting to talk. 

Daniel Grant was a Secret Agent who retired from active service after he was shot. Hilary Geddes is a career civil servant who dislikes how society writes-off the elderly. Together they run Shady Fields.

Senior Security Service officer, Bernard Cummings is being lined up for a top job but has secrets of his own that he would rather stayed buried.  When one of the residents threatens a tell-all memoir that could potentially implicate him, Cummings decides to take action.

An electronics boffin, a femme fetale and an aristocrat (who periodically thinks he is Lord Lucan) find themselves at the heart of an intrigue which begins with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Staff and residents have to work together to protect their own and see justice done, but that won’t be easy.

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"Three people can keep a secret,

but only when two of them are dead"

'Bernard Cummings' - Keeping Secrets




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